Instructors Becoming Language Lab Co-ordinators

Digital language labs are the hi-tech solution engineered to help people learn foreign languages and communication skills through the aid of software programs, and multimedia technologies. With the increasing popularity of language labs, schools, colleges and universities now implement this digital solution to enhance the multi-lingual ability of learners. The added advantage of language lab is that students as well as the instructors get well-versed in computer and related technologies easily.

Most often, despite the rich benefits provided by digital language labs, teachers of English as a foreign language fails to take advantages of computing technologies in the classroom. Lack of digital literacy of teacher is often criticized for this omission of digital tools in language education. Many schools nowadays appoint staff as language lab coordinators to maintain the lab facilities, to schedule lab use and to provide training sessions to users. These coordinators might collaborate with language teachers, put suggestions and recommendations on technology and upgrades. However, the fact is that a good instructor with avidity for technology can become a language lab co-ordinator also.

The modern multimedia-assisted language lab is featured with simple yet comprehensive teacher interface to make the language learning easy for students. Besides, the smart English digital language lab providers worldwide offer optimal training to get the staff of the institution acquainted with the technicalities of the language lab. Hence, the instructor or the lab person need not worry about the intricacies involved in the software. The 24/7 support provided by the technical executives of the company frees the institute staff from bothering technical issues and other digital concerns.

Above all, the modern language lab software will be periodically updated to cope with the changing trends and requirements of the institution. Teachers can now co-ordinate the lab schedules, facilities and can use technology aided tools to enhance the quality of language learning in classrooms thereby engaging students in the learning process and making them accessible to the volumes of authentic and relevant learning materials.


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