Why Should you Opt for Smart English Lab?

It is proven that in a conventional classroom with 45-minute language session only a few students get opportunity to practice speaking. How much speaking practice each learner gets in a 45-minute language session depends on the class size. The time each student gets to practice speaking becomes less when the number of students in the class increases. A language lab is a solution to this problem. A good language lab with ample computers and headsets can accommodate any number of students at the same time. However, the actual speaking time per student considerably depends on what type of exercises teacher gives to the students.

By using a language lab, all students in the class can speak simultaneously without distracting each other irrespective of the strength of students in a class. In a conventional classroom of about 10 students, each student will not get more than one minute for speaking practice.The English Smart Lab offers tools that will keep your students motivated and enthusiastic while they attain language proficiency and communicative skills through multiple practice options.

Smart English Digital Language Lab uses unique blend of teacher-centred (Teacher Console) and self-centred (Student Console) learning practice to make the learning process smooth and effective. This methodology helps learner to get both real-life situational learning using simulation techniques, coupled with brand-new technologies and multimedia rich content.The listening speaking, reading and writing therapy options incorporated in the language lab can be effectively used by teacher to give students a good exposure to situational dialogues, expressions, vocabulary, etiquettes, comprehension, and other literary varieties.

Student consoles are provided with multiple features that are easy to operate, and it allows them to have an active participation in exciting learning activities either individually, or in groups or pairs. Above all, Smart English DLL enables students to understand different accents of the language and to experience various literary genres.


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