Boost Students’ Reading Comprehension with Digital Language Lab

To boost the reading comprehension of students, instructor should give the students a passage to read and let them skim the content. The instructor can ask what the students think about the passage. Letting the students mark or point out unfamiliar words and their meaning will help the students to pick up words easily.

Digital language lab system plays a very important role in improving the comprehension ability and vocabulary of students to a great extend. By giving the students a passage/article or simple paragraph to read and comprehend, teacher can analyse students’ comprehension and get them move forward to understand complex paragraphs and other literary forms. Asking the students relevant questions, the instructor can help the students being alert while reading the passage. Language lab helps the instructor to assign passages to students for practising reading comprehension and to answer the question given with them. Continuous practice lets them quickly grasp the information they’re reading.

Assigning both fictions and non-fictions, the chances are high that your students will be using more time reading passages to understand things easily. It’s always a good idea to give students some experience in every type of reading. When it comes to nonfiction, give them news reports, magazines and online texts so that the students can read for practical reasons. Adding interesting movie clips is also a good option to increase students’ attention in reading. However, ensure that the material is appropriate for their level.

Language lab helps instructor add different levels of contents that will be right for the students’ learning level. While intermediate students can handle more difficult topics with new words, the passages are meant to improve reading comprehension. Thus the student will be able to read the topic rapidly and understand the information in it. Helping the students practise all the reading skills will generate more enthusiasm in them to read for fun and knowledge.