Teacher Console

The `Linguist's system ’ is provided with control functions to monitor all student positions. With this various batches, their session timings and their respective lessons can be organized. The unique features of options for listening to the native speakers and the student's voice separately and stopping the action at selected student position for giving instructions enable personalized attention. Linguist can view the video, text and also hear the sound of the assigned material. Broadcasting facility is available. Linguist coordinates the group discussion.

Digital Language Lab - Linguist's System is the control panel and monitoring control of the Linguist console. Students get the pre-recorded lessons from the Linguist console after logging in into their consoles. Linguist can broadcast to all the students from the Linguist console, monitoring and communicating with each student is also possible without disturbing other fellow students.

  • Control functions to monitor all student consoles.
  • Facility to pre-setting the lessons. Batches and sessions for the academic year.
  • Individual attention for all each student, without disturbing the rest.
  • Provision for converting already existing passages recorded in tapes into digital format.
  • Can be used for teaching any language.
  • Communicate with the student from Linguist module.
  • Review student work.
  • Screen Capturing

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