Digital Language Lab: The Progressive Teacher

English language teaching has undergone incredible changes over the last decade. The situation has transformed from the times where students were loaded with learning and grasping translated materials, and lectures with the collection of lessons from prescribed texts. However, with the emerging trends in global industry and career, communication skills, soft skills, language skills, technical skills, interpersonal skills and ICT literacy are gaining immense popularity and significance in today’s learning process. Digital Language Lab is considered as the most favourable option by educators and trainers around the world to instruct communicative skill and soft skills of the budding professionals.

The need for vibrant and professionally qualified youth to succeed in tough competitions for survival in the international market is in great demand these days. Considering this demand, academicians and educational leaders suggest changes in the teaching learning process of communicative skills and English language for the betterment of youth and global market. By using digital language lab software in foreign language learning, we can produce fully competent multilingual rather than people who imitates native speakers. With the utilization of language learning software, we do not aspire to become native speakers, but to focus on acquiring English as a means of communication.

Unlike traditional language sessions, by using digital language labs, teachers can make use of advanced and authentic materials for improving the language fluency of students. The repeated listening activities and speech practices helps the learners to achieve better proficiency and create an encouraging environment where they can speak naturally without inhibitions or fear of mistakes. Technology enabled language learning fosters student-teacher interaction greatly and the inclusion of activities in language classes helps students to engage more actively creating a cool atmosphere for learners to perform in a better way.

Teachers can monitor the students individually using the software thereby ensuring progress in learning. Besides, they can create quality study materials out of the syllabus to enhance the communicative skill of students. Above all, teacher can introduce students to various literary genres to make them competent in English, express their ideas in English using different expressions in a very clear, precise, and concise manner.