Government Polytechnic Bhadrak inducts OrellTalk Digital Language Lab

We are so thrilled to have Government Polytechnic Bhadrak one of the Top Polytechnic Colleges from Odisha as our latest client. The continuous purchase queries from all part of the countries, irrespective of the pandemic situation are great nudge for us to push the envelope and achieve more in educational software scene. The campus had 1 master console and 30 student consoles established.

OrellTalk- the most wanted educational software among our line of products is essentially an ICT backed digital language lab. This week Government Polytechnic Bhadrak situated in the state of purchased OrellTalk! We are so thrilled to further develop this collaboration.

Oréll has over 5,000 customers in the education sector in more than 50 Countries worldwide and helps around 10 Million+ learners and instructors to learn and teach languages easily, efficiently and effortlessly. OréllTalk is the world’s most preferred cloud-based language lab software with integrated e-Learning system and live virtual class which is designed to assist learners of all fields. OréllTalk Language Lab has proven to enrich a student's language learning experiences.