Government Polytechnic, Bhadrak keeps the Pro version of OrellTalk

Directed by the state of Odisha Government Polytechnic, Bhadrak has signed up with Orell Technosystems with the purchase of the brand new Pro version of OréllTalk Digital Language Lab- the number one language learning platform available in India. We are enthusiastic about this association with this renowned institution from Odisha.

Government Polytechnic, Bhadrak is a leading technical institution established in the year 2017 and the staff members are committed to develop this institution. The institute aims to transform individuals and communities to educational excellence through innovative practices, inclusiveness and traditional essence, with a focus on state, national and global requirements by thoroughly dedicated teachers who are inspiring scholars and technocrats.

OrellTalk has over the years gathered thousands of clients for Orell. The user-friendliness and advanced featured embedded in the system constitute an all-inclusive language learning apparatus. The lessons, both audio and video are meant to assist students to enunciate better and develop vocabulary. The installation of OréllTalk efficiently negates institutons any chances of having any discrepancy in teaching English or any language. Teachers can assess and evaluate the performance of teachers in a better way. The platform lets the students record and play the sessions by the teacher. The teachers can monitor and give instructions to the students individually and to groups.