How to remove MTI in English speaking?

We know how challenging it is to make sure the language we speak contain half a portion of the language and other half belongs to our mother tongue. The MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) issues while speaking English is concerned more difficult and embarrassing in a crowd. Removal of MTI is an added appreciation to teachers as well as students. If the teacher models and says sounds to their students it would be considered consciously how to articulate a sound and pronounce it in a better way. Since the language processes has a mother tongue we heard since our childhood is something very dearest to us at all times. When the mother tongue becomes more evident in current sphere, it is difficult to speak in standard accent in cases of speaking own way of English. Moving on to some effective measures of avoiding MTIs in the conversation. Join in any English classes which is usual formula applied in English speaking and also it is beneficial in an effective communication by acquiring fluency. To neutralize the language with an Indian framework to form Indian English is a globally accepted method. Another way is moving on with a digital language lab software which is the demonstration of 44 English sounds along with video presentation and audio to interact with an individual in person through the software, which is a far better tool to remove our dialectal consequences. All we need is to be aware of the exact accent and pronunciation as prescribed in texts regarding language learning. Even though we make into some negligible errors while speaking make sure we keep practicing in our communication and attain a set of good quality language potential.