Key Areas Covered in Smart English Digital Language Lab

We can, in any case, depict dialect as a medium of correspondence. Communication suggests conveying and receiving of message. Nevertheless, students always find it difficult to learn English and its linguistic aspects. Language lab software is a technological breakthrough, which was introduced as a solution for imparting communication skills in English and other foreign language to non-native speakers. This learning software offers exclusive result oriented tools to improve foreign language learning process. Integrated with rich study materials, the software provides interactive learning environment and motivates students.

The key areas covered using Smart English language laboratory includes pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency, grammar skills etc. Exact pronunciation of consonant and vowel sounds with correct stress patterns of syllables can be imparted through the use of phonetic lessons added in the software. Audio/Visual applications and simulated interactions improve language fluency of students with knowledge of grammar and its usages. The vocabulary collection added in the software is helpful to enrich the word power of students. Content rich audio and video lessons along with the activities are beneficial to improve the listening and speaking skill of students with utmost perfection. Besides, students can master language proficiency polishing their language with its variation in volume, stress, pitch and intonation.

Smart Lab also helps students to overcome pronunciation differences caused by Mother Tongue Influence (MTI). Besides nurturing the language expertise, it enables participants to comprehend native speakers and converse in language with utmost precision and clarity.