Khandoli Institute of Technology, Jharkhand inducts OrellTalk

We are happy to announce that Orell Software Solution’s OréllTalk Digital Language Lab P2 version has been sold to Khandoli Institute of Technology, Jharkhand to meet the Language Learning requirements at this honoured institution. Orell has the history of achieving orders from a vast number of colleges irrespective of the field of study they deal with. Khandoli Institute of Technology is another prestigious college that we have the fortune to serve. 26 student and 1 teacher modules have been installed and functional at the campus.

Khandoli Institute of Technology, was started in the year 2014 by the Vivekanand Educational & Charitable Trust, is committed to develop this college into a renowned institution for Engineering education and research. Since education, Progress and Prosperity are interlinked, Khandoli Institute of Technology input all its effort in order to attain aforementioned by imparting quality education to ascend on the ladder of progress.

OréllTalk is the world’s most preferred cloud-based language lab software with integrated e-Learning system and live virtual class which is designed to assist learners of all fields. OréllTalk Language Lab has proven to enrich a student's language learning experiences. Oréll ensures that students of all realms who are taught languages using technology will also have the advantage of applying their new digital knowledge in different areas. Along with knowing how to use various online tools, which will give them an advantage in the prevailing job market, and add further skills to their portfolio taking their experience to higher pedestals.

Oréll has over 5,000 customers in the education sector in more than 50 Countries worldwide and helps around 10 Million+ learners and instructors to learn and teach languages easily, efficiently and effortlessly.