Language Acquisition : A trending childhood praxis

When was the last time we attempted to pronounce a spelling correctly? Perhaps it depends on how wholly we received our communicative English sessions in our schoolings. We often are used to the English practicing hours which enhances our self-confidence to speak in a public. Language acquisition basically involves the methodologies of listening, speaking, reading and writing of a language acquiring the layout of the structure. The unlimited time spent in parroting these items in language lab believes to record the knowledge about a particular language in an effective manner. With the emergence of multimedia language mechanisms the application boosts the students in reading comprehension and giving passage to read and skim the contents. The lengthy information provided in the software also allows to grasp information at a glance. The implementation of translanguaging adds to have a transformative capacity at school level in order to bring cognitive skills in communication. Since iTell the language lab software has a trustworthy package for enhancing the communication skills in a tertiary level, the application facilitates in listen, recording and comparing voices with that of the speaker to rectify the errors. Encouraging the senses of language usages, the sessions believes to achieve multitudes of career breakthrough to meet the challenges of the world. English as a globally accepted language is an easiest means to reach a better position considering any field of activity. In an Indian context, taking the dare to construct a generation of language enriched culture as Indians are considered to be multilingual beings, the process is worth in transforming the country from a developing nation to a developed nation. For making it into process attempt to promote the culture of language practices right from our school for a much outstanding result of communication quality and also it persuades to deliver a prestigious icon of language excellence. And also it is better to make a habit of pronouncing the words as prescribed keeping on the stress, intonations and syllables without inducing our mother tongue influence on it.