Language Acquisition Vs Language Learning & Where iTell Fits in?

Language is “a system that consists of the development, acquisition, maintenance and use of complex systems of communication, particularly the human ability to do so; and a language is any specific example of such a system”. The one thing that differentiates man from other earthlings is simply his ability to express through language. The human utterances can be dated back to centuries ago and there have been evolved so many theories regarding the evolution of language. Modern and post modern linguists like Ferdinand De Saussure, Noam Chomsky, and Edward Sapir with their game changing theories altered our conventional perspectives on language acquisition. The four major skills in Language-aided communication are LSRW- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Language Acquisition is a subconscious process. It buds in us quite involuntarily devoid of any effort from the speaker. We can illustrate this by observing language development from our early childhood to adulthood. A child is a bonsai version of an adult. He unknowingly imitates his aged counterparts and picks up the bits and pieces of their discourses. This subconscious habit of humans is not to be under-estimated since it is language acquisition that plays an elementary role in the evolution of communication skills and efficacy in language. But when it comes to Language Learning, augmentation of the skills is done differently. Learning is more of a voluntary process. It takes consciousness and keen attention to the lessons of the educator. One has to be cognitively active in order to connect the symbols and signs of language with the meanings they represent. It’s an active process in short. iTell language lab , brought to you by Orell is the forerunner of all the language lab softwares that mushroom across the educational sectors all over the world. By enabling the better management of language classes and communication skills iTell enhances the standard of education all over the world. It provides the Language Acquisition methods that alleviate the burden of teachers and staff members. iTell is definitely a futuristically developed language lab that envisions a better posterity and a literate world.