Monologues are often a speech to oneself to express their mental thoughts aloud and mostly monologues are evident in the range of dramatic medias as well as in non- dramatic medias such as poetries. We have a mistaken the idea of usage of monologues as it is very applicable in our day-to-day conversations. As language is known to be the hallmark of humanity the way we speak and the characteristics of our language engages in perfecting the speech modulations of a person. The action to leave your audience feeling that you are not including other thoughts into your conversation in over time they are referred to as Monologue Communicators. What is happening right now makes a situation silent apart from words. Monologues claim to be the most beautiful expressions of a human being when considering the language of English. We persuade to talk to someone because we need something from someone. Although Monologues are technically defined as prolonged talks or discourse by a single speaker, between two parties who are not really listening to each other. Naturally listening to monologues or speaking in monologue style enhances the listening capacity. as we broadcast voice like you would hear on radio and other gadgets we get trained to the manner of speaking slowly rendering each and every sound specifically and putting more importance to the pronunciations. Language learning has led to the conclusion that most effective and authentic way of listening came from monologues. Listening to a casual conversation doesn't require the same intense focus as listening to a monologue. As listening is moreover a part of essential language skills in English, monologue benefits in attaining a greater proficiency in any languages.