Media's robust role in setting a world for language learning

I bet you that you all have checked your phone before your first cup of coffee by today morning. Its indeed an obvious habit that we are growingly falling to the updations of current world. There is no denying the social medias and other media influences transformed the interactions of people. Social media has done enormous things to make us capable of communicating within a crowd in global as well as narrow basis. The significant influence of these technology-based engagements shifted a way from natural speaking and writing of English. Language is always a thing which keeps on evolving and its seems to be naive that language of social media has no effect in the way we use English our day-to-day life. The curious trend appears in our recent years is the misuse of existing words with the words based on brands to refer to their social media context, for instance unfriended, friended etc are given new usages and meaning to suit the convenience of media setup. With the invention of language labs at our institutions and other language learning centres the system managed to alter the vocabulary, number of communication increased, Volume and speed of the communication also increased along with that. Language lab software is a technological breakthrough, which was introduced as a solution for imparting communication skills in English and other foreign language to non-native speakers. This learning software offers exclusive result oriented tools to improve foreign language learning process. Integrated with rich study materials, the software provides interactive learning environment and motivates students. Orell Technosystem's very own language acquistion methodology iTell digital language lab application will engage in offering a broad range of additional materials including Videoconferencing facility, Podcasts with updates of contents, record songs etc making the session resourceful.