Next Generation of Language Labs

Language labs which were established as a centre of language learning contemporaneously allows technological breakthroughs during this period of dominance of software. It often had developed a sense of administrative and the state-of-the-art technical infrastructure. Language acquisition methodologies has become a major advantage and challenge in today's perspective relating teachers and students awareness and computer skills. The term 'lab' is no longer an accurate title which indicates simple computer skills. But since the invention of the ICT labs in the functionality of language lab systems the things have become very trouble-free. iTell therefore serves to be the flourishing language lab software to build the upcoming language approach of the present. As the autonomous learning trends in the circle, the language learning has come to a feature of self access to many centers that benefits in working independently on studying any language in a well resourced environment or else in any particular university. Communication capabilities have been minimised to mobile applications which are suitable, comforting and easy to carry away as they are very portable and handy. iTell the digital language lab software emerges with the e-learning in these wireless devices allowing to transfer and receive information, providing a platform to learn with their sophisticated tools of language acquisition. The learning application will engage in offering a broad range of additional materials including Videoconferencing facility, Podcasts with updates of contents, record songs etc making the session resourceful.