OrellTalk Smart at Vivekandanda Vidyalayam, Tamilnadu

So this week we have with us exciting news. We are bestowed with another great client to work with from our neighbouring state, Tamilnadu. We are enthused to welcome Vivekandanda Vidyalayam, Paundamangalam for being part of our arduous journey in empowering education with technology. It is our most wanted produce Orell Talk Digital Language Lab pro version that has induced the institute to vest its interest in Orell Technosystems. We are looking forward for this uplifting deal and installation.

Vivekandanda Vidyalayam, Tamilnadu aims to touch the lives and to transform people by teaching, healing and creating a better community. The college envisions becoming a dynamic global institution and a center of excellence. Its core values constitute compassionate in all dealings. The institute entertains teachers’ hard work with passion and productivity. We are keen to be welcomed at this prestigious institute that pay respect to the innovating trends in educational software realm. The institute has installed in their campus the Smart version of Orell Talk Digital Language lab with 1 console for instructor and 20 for students.

Oréll has over 5,000 customers in the education sector in more than 50 Countries worldwide and helps around 10 Million+ learners and instructors to learn and teach languages easily, efficiently and effortlessly.

OréllTalk is the world’s most preferred cloud-based language lab software with integrated e-Learning system and live virtual class which is designed to assist learners of all fields. OréllTalk Language Lab has proven to enrich a student's language learning experiences.