OrellTalk is to be implemented at Kristu Jayanthi Public School

Orell Technosystem’s visionary Digital Language Lab OrellTalk has been purchased by one of the most coveted institutions in Karnataka- Kristu Jayanthi Public School, Bangalore.

As a Language Lab Software recognized all across the world, OrellTalk promises hundred percentage customer satisfaction by delivering advanced software with extensive possibilities to enhance the language and communication skills of students in all level of efficiency. Kristu Jayanthi Public School currently has purchased a total of 20 students and 1 teacher module. This Corporate version of OrellTalk software is accessible to 500 users. It has been undeniably evidenced that the tools of OrellTalk help users refurbish and enhance their LSRW skills. The lessons embedded in the software are rich with information and leads to effective Language Learning. In addition to the Language Lab features, Kristu Jayanti has opted integration of our e-Learning Software. The combination of both opens door to a fun learning experience to its students. The teachers will be able to guide the students and make their own lessons. The instantaneous assessment of students’ performances helps teachers understand where each needs improvement and assign lessons accordingly.

Kristu Jayanthi Public School is situated in Kannamangala. It’s placed in a beautifully serene landscape with a perfect setting for qualitative education. It is a parallel branch Kristu Jayanthi College (Autonomous), our previous client for the same software. Both sister institutions aim to build unparalleled schooling and academic programs for children coming from all walks of life. We at Orell are thrilled to associate with such a reputed institution.