Peer and Self-Assessment Using Smart English Digital Language Lab

Digital language lab software is a ground breaking solution that enables peer and self-evaluation in the most effective way. Smart English lab is one of its kinds in the industry which offers umpteen features to make self-assessment and peer-reviews possible through the various activities incorporated in the software.

Learners, the prime beneficiaries of various learning tools are much better at giving each other precise and sensitive comments than we imagine. The peer review and self-evaluation gives them limitless opportunities to learn from their own experience and others.

By using digital language lab solution, the teacher can group learners and assign them different roles or activities to learn language. Sometimes, the learners will get opportunity to talk about a topic and the others in the group have to listen to the talk attentively and encouragingly, while some others in the group are supposed to take notes in order to give constructive remarks. Teacher is supposed set time limit for collaborative thinking before the presentation and give them chance to plan what they are going to talk.

Later, the teacher can change the roles of students after each round so that everybody gets chance for self-evaluation and peer review. By the last round, everybody gets opportunity to become speaker, listener and note-taker. Likewise, the language instructor can use various types of collaborative activities using the digital language lab to give several chances for the learners to talk, listen and to evaluate. The main advantage of this system is that the learners can judge themselves and others. Consequently, they may try to perform their roles in the most perfect way and to progress in learning while judging others.

Now, it’s your chance to give your learners the best possible ways to enrich their language learning experience through digital language lab.