Raja Narendra Lal Khan Women's College keeps OrellTalk Digital Language Lab

We are elated with the latest renewal update we have. Raja Narendra Lal Khan Women's College belonging to the state of west Bengal, our existing client has decided to keep our software services by renewing OrellTalk Digital Language Lab.

Raja Narendra Lal Khan Women's College [Autonomous] is a rural college situated in a backward Junglemahal area of Kankabati Gram Panchayat, Paschim Medinipur district. The administrative building of the college, called the Gope Palace was built during the time of Raja Narendra Lal Khan, the king of Narajole in 1895. The pivotal aim of the college has been to empower women through a proper admixture of both pragmatic and mental development, to enkindle their mental matrix with " An idea of complete womanhood "

OrellTalk- is a greatly productive insight by the means of innovative technology. The tools featured in OrellTalk Digital Language Lab are great assistance to teachers, especially in teaching language. Irrespective of teaching Language traditionally with a grammar book, the lessons are made here at OrellTalk with attention to detail and knowledge, making sure students won’t miss out on a fun-filled and intelligible learning experience.

OréllTalk has four different versions to suit all budgets with 8 levels of learning in the Common European FrameWork of Reference (CEFR) method. OréllTalk Language Lab has proven to enrich a student's language learning experiences.