Smart English Lab; a New App for Collaborative Learning

If you get chance to watch your students for some time, you can understand that they spend much time to text or voice message using different free apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram and others. Realizing the importance of interactive communication in learning languages, educators across the world recommend the use of technology devices to enhance communication skills. By using powerful IT enabled tools, teachers can build up collaboration and learner autonomy to a great extent.

Digital language lab software is the latest technology that teachers can use to boost the writing and speaking ability of students though interactive learning enabling the communication via text and voice messages. Teachers can create student pairs or groups to initiate discussion, debate and conferencing, facilitating students to communicate in English thereby enhancing their speaking skill. Practising oral communication helps students to improve their pronunciation and accents greatly. Teacher can intervene in between the discussions to make necessary corrections if any.

Like Telegram and other similar apps, digital language lab software provides greater opportunity for accent training through the listen/speak/compare options. By using this user-friendly platform students can record their reading assignments using the microphone and can compare it with the original voice over. Smart English Lab is a useful tool to encourage extensive practice and skill development. Practising helps the students develop self-learning method and to notice their own mistakes and correct it soon.

Teachers can assign extra drills for further practising of sounds, words or paragraphs using the read and record option. Unlike in traditional classroom practice sessions, teacher also gets enough time to listen to everyone’s reading assignments through digital language lab. As you give more opportunities for your students to practise on their own voice, they will become more encouraged, and take greater control of their own learning.