Smart English Language Lab Software for Improved Pronunciation

Learning English as a second language will not be easy for all. Smart English digital language lab offers unlimited opportunities for learners to improve their second language pronunciation, syntax, grammatical structures and various other communication aspects easily without spending much time and effort.

Poor communication due to meagre speaking skills can adversely affect a candidate’s career, social status and level of education. Smart English language lab software is tailor-made to develop speaking ability and to assist learners in practising the important sound patterns and understand speech intricacies identifying the key components that an individual needs to comprehend. This multimedia language lab gives prior importance to enhance listening and speaking skills rather than reading and writing abilities.

Smart English Digital Language Lab supports the learners to be trained in English sounds and pronunciation of words at their own pace. The wide range of vocabulary collection added in the software is helpful for learners to learn meaningful and rare words that can be used in real-life situations. The phonetic transcription of the words with British and American accent facilitates the students to comprehend and learn the inflections and variations in pronunciation of a word in global scenario.

With the direction of instructor, learners can practice listening, speaking, reading and writing the contents as often as they desire. The recording option in the software enables learners to record and playback their own voice according to their requirement. Through intensive practice, the learners not only develop their communication skill but also enrich their word power and knowledge in English language which can lead to increased interest in literature also.

The software also assists the learners to get rid of the mother tongue influence they have while speaking in English. With just a few sessions of continuous practice, you can greatly develop your linguistic skill using Smart English Lab.