St.Anthonys College retains OrellTalk Digital Language Lab

We are super- excited about our recent endeavour. The prestigious college of St. Antony’s has once again joined hands with Orell Technosystems regarding the renewal of OrellTalk Digital Language Lab. We at team Orell are glad to have another go associating with this famous institute situated in the north eastern part of India.

St.Anthonys College was founded in 1934 in Shilllong, Meghalaya. It is the first ever University College worldwide that was built in the command of the Don Bosco Society, established in 1934. The college is affiliated to North Eastern Hill University and is re-accredited by NAAC with Grade "A" - Cycle:3. The college was recognized by UGC as a College with Potential for Excellence. Apart from that, the college is renowned as the institutional Bio-Tech hub by DBT,Indiax OréllTalk Smart, the version installed at St. Anthony’s is a complete solution for Language Learning. This latest version of Language Lab brings out the best in students by enabling them the control over thousands of video and audio lessons. RKPS has opted to purchase OrellTalk for 20 consoles of Students and 1 of teachers to install at their campus. Oréll Smart for 1 teacher plus 36 Students with upto 500 users is what they have opted to start with.

Oréll is trusted by over 5000 educational institutions all across the world.