The Challenges in Language Teaching in Classrooms

“Your best teacher is your last mistake”, is a famous saying immortalized by India’s former President, perhaps the most liked president of all times, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The Educational Sector, be it in the US or in China, has many flaws and drawbacks. When we disintegrate the structure of a well established education system, it takes us to two basic elements- Teacher and the student. When we take into consideration the Indian Educational sector, the warmth of Guru-Disciple relationship can be seen from the records of ancient Vedic period. Affairs were simpler back then- when exaggeratingly put it all it takes to have enlightenment back then was just a book and a teacher. But now things are way too complicated than it used to be. The technological boom and the massive increase in population have left a negative impact on education system. The classrooms nowadays are no less than pandemonium of hundreds of students guided by a single teacher. The main problem of this situation is that the teachers do not get the facility to monitor each and every students in a classroom, especially is a busy classroom lasting 45- 60 minutes. In this set up students do not get the opportunity to revisit their doubts with teachers, not to mention the students’ general reluctance to stand up and clarify their doubts regarding the current lecture. So having a good and wisdomatic teacher is not enough. It takes technology that connects the teacher and the students, which let the lectures and the knowledge reach each student. The language labs are a great method to eradicate this gap between students and teachers for they channel the lectures to and fro and provide a platform to record the lectures.