Tripura institute of technology accepts OrellTalk Digital Language Lab!

We are happy to announce that Orell Software Solution’s OréllTalk Digital Language Lab has sold to Tripura institute of technology, to meet the Language Learning requirements at this honoured institution.

Tripura institute of technology aims to emerge as one of the best Technical Institute of the Country in creating quality engineers and leaders through excellence in technical education, for industries and for the society. It holds great legacy to its name among all the institutions in Tripura. We are excited to take this association forward and lend a hand in the educational fulfilment of students at this institute.

OréllTalk P3 version installed at Tripura institute of technology is a complete solution for Language Learning. This latest version of Language Lab brings out the best in students by enabling them the control over thousands of video and audio lessons. Tripura institute of technology has opted to purchase OrellTalk for 20 consoles of Students and 1 of teachers to install at their campus. Oréll is trusted by over 5000 educational institutions all across the world.