What stops Indians from pursuing English as a means for communication?

Native speakers often find trouble in speaking a foreign language with all its authenticity. There are so many factors that stop them from pursuing English more.  The influence of mother tongue One’s mother tongue influences a person and the ways he expresses his thoughts considerably. This pattern can be abundantly seen in Indian Natives. People belonging to north Indian states, when speak English, make some phonetic changes. For eg, see for She, /s/ for /dz/ etc. Keralites roll their tongue when they utter plosive sounds in English Language, turning them into retroflex sounds. This is repulsive way of speaking to native English Speakers.  The fear of being taken as a wannabe British snob and a bootlicker. Let’s admit this; one should be really careful while speaking intelligible English in an Indian scenario, mainly because some people (a majority of them) think that people when they speak English become a part of “Indian hatred “ and admirer of English way of living. This is utterly unacceptable in every level. People should be allowed to speak the language they want to speak given that language is a way of self expression. Everyone should have the choice to speak in language they are comfortable and fluent in. But unfortunately speaking in English be it in person or in social media, makes you a victim of bullying.  The lack of English-friendly environment To master the LSRW skills in any language, one must have a language-friendly environment. Likely, to achieve the dexterity in English language the learners should have an English speaking milieu. Apart from cities and towns where such surroundings are easily available, the language is as good as dead in rural areas where language learning methods like Digital language labs haven’t had their reach yet. iTell Digital Language Lab is an exception when you compare the reach of language Labs in our country. iTell has managed to spread its valuable English Lessons to the farthest corners of rural India. With the hardworking and dedicated business development executives iTell continues its endeavor to make India English- friendly.